The horizontal machining centers offered by Kitamura Machinery provide best in class technology at affordable prices. Among their offerings are both 40 and 50 taper models with options for HSK spindles as well. Kitamura's line of horizontal machining centers are flexible enough to add field-installable tool magazines and pallet changers. Their line extends from the 250 with a 10" square pallet to the 1250 with its 50" pallet. The 630 size pictured above boasts incedibly fast 2362 ipm rapids while offering the rigidity of solid box-ways. Their entire line utilizes the Kitamura user-friendly Arumatik control.

Although the horizontal machining centers offered by Hurco are short on quantity they are not short in quality. The HM1700Ri pictured above represents their lineup but is a rigid 50 taper horizontal with a built-in rotary. This machine offers a single table setup for shops with horizontal parts that re not high-production. If you think horizontal machining centers are outside your budget, you might want to take a serious look at this machine. It offers a very affordable price point for such a high quality machine tool. As with all of the Hurco product line this machine utilizes the Winmax state of the art control.