Hyundai Wia has a very full line of 2 & 3 axis turning enters from their value SE series to their box-way HD and L series models. The SE series offers 6",8",and 10" chuck models with varying bed lengths. The HD series includes 8" thru 12" chuck models while the L series begins with a 12" chuck offering and extends to a 14.7" bore. Each series has y-axis offerings and if you need a sub-spindle the SE and HD series will fit the bill.

Hurco's CNC Turning Center line-up spans from their 6" chuck TM6i all the way up to a 10" bore model TM18LBBI. In two-axis lathes there are two series to choose from including the economical TM series and the fully loaded TMX series. Each of their machines can be outfitted with chip conveyors, toolsetters, and of course their state of the art conversational Winmax control.

Kingston Machine Tool has a very strong line of Flat-bed CNC Turning Centers. Among their offering is the CJ series of teach lathes which includes a 20 x 60 through the 26 x 160 with an optional 6" bore. Kingston also offers their versatile CL series with spindle bores from 4.7" - 14". The CL also offers bed lengths from 40" - 240". The CL38 and CL58 series also offer the added advantage of a second turret.