Hurco's CNC Vertical Machining Center line-up consists of their VM Value Line and the loaded VMX & VMXD lines. The VM series begins with the VM5i which has 18" of X-axis travel and extends up to the VM30i which boasts 50" of X-axis travel with all models being Cat 40. The VMX series has X-axis travels from 24" to 84" with Cat 40 on all sizes and Cat 50 on the larger ones. The VMXD series is high speed machine available from 24" to 42" X-axis travel models. The VMX and VMXD series come standard with chip conveyors, rigid tapping, an auxiliary, display screen, and of course their state of the art conversational Winmax control. Rotary tables, Thru Spindle Coolant, and probing systems are among the many options available.

The Vertical Machining Center product offering from SMEC America includes both 40 and 50 taper models. Among the 40 taper offering is the value PCV 400 and their high performance line of MCV models. The MCV series ranges from the 400 which has 21.6" of X-axis travel up to the 82.6" travel offered by the 6700L. For those 50 taper applications SMEC's LCV series offers both production & performance at a very reasonable price point. The all box-way LCV series offers models from the 6700 with 53" of X-axis travel to the 1060 with its massive 98" of travel. SMEC even offers a high production twin-spindle machine in its SM 400 offering. The SMEC product line is extremely rigid and reliable utilizing Fanuc controls & drives.

DMC Machine Tools has a strong line-up of 40 taper Vertical Machining Centers featuring their high performance lines of DMV & DVC models. The DMV series spans from 30" to 50"of X-axis travel. DMC also offers the high production twin-pallet series of DVC models. The DMC product line makes use of Fanuc controls & drives and offers chip conveyors with each model as standard equipment.

Kitamura Machinery provides its customers with unsurpassed technology while pricing their products at a level to fit most budgets. Among their offerings are the typical 40 taper Vertical Machining Center line-up from other competitors such as the Mycenter-3XD with its 30" x 20" X/Y travel and a 12000 RPM spindle. However, the 40 taper line-up also boasts the mind-blowing Mycenter 4XG-40 which has a 4-step geared spindle with 20000 RPM. Kitamura also offers a Mycenter 4XG-50 which has a 50 taper with a similar 4-step geared spindle but 10000 max RPM.

Takumi has a strong line-up of 50 taper Vertical Machining Centers featuring their high performance V series. The V series includes models from their V11 with 43.3"of X-axis travel to the V22 which extends to 86.6" of travel. This all box-way product line includes many impressive standard features such as 397 ft-lbs. of peak spindle torque, 435 PSI of thru-spindle coolant pressure, and Fanuc controls & drives.